Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just a Thought

I heard a preacher one time say "If you find yourself far away from God then you must ask yourself why you moved. Not why God moved. He never moves. It's us who decides how close to stay to Him or how far away to go."

So I ask you and myself: When you look for God, how far away are you? Are you standing beside Him? Maybe only a few feet away? A few blocks? Miles? Can you see God from where you are?

I can still see Him, but He is far off. I am taking a step closer towards Him everyday. I think it shall be a long journey. However, I am hoping that perhaps for every step I take that He will take one also. I hope that makes sense. I know that God wants a relationship with us, but I also know that when we stray we must learn something or we will stay lost in the wilderness.

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Evelyn Mayfield said...

How wise you are, Shelly! When I was young, I suffered from alcoholism. I thought during that time, that God had turned away from me. As I sobered up, I realized that it was I who turned away from him. I was partly feeling guilty and partly afraid. I am so grateful I had the sense to come back to him when I got a second chance. Like you, I suspect my journey is a long one, but it's so wonderful to grow a little closer each day. God bless.