Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sincere Prayer

I am sure that a lot of you were praying yesterday and last night, as I was. When McCain gave his concession speech I was close to tears.

I asked God how this could happen? How could our great nation be so blind? Then I felt at peace. The words I heard in my heart were: Now is not the time. This happened so that you will all wake up and pay attention and take action on how your government is run. You will make an effort to find out what legislation is trying to be passed and take action on it. During the next election you will pound the pavement and let others know where the candidates stand on the issues. You will WORK.

This is what has given me peace about the election. (Plus it is sort of cool to have an African -American elected president during my lifetime.)

Tomorrow I will be back to life as usual, but today I just had to let you know that God is there and when you pray sincerely and openly he answers willingly and honesty.

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Evelyn Mayfield said...

What a wonderful attitude, Shelly, and what wonderful insight. I think we have a really unusual president this time, one who is multi-cultural, one who has seen poverty in his own home, who can give bi-racial children hope instead of embarrassment, and who pulled himself up by his own efforts to really prove that the American dream is still alive.