Thursday, November 13, 2008

Multiplying Your Time

"For every time there is a season . . ."

Do you start your day off with a bang? Everything starts out great and then you get distracted and everything falls apart. Or perhaps you hit the snooze button 'just one more time'. You wake up at the last possible minute, throw on the wrinkled clothes or whatever smells clean, yell at the kids to get out of bed, throw a pop tart at them, scream at the 4 year old because she can't find her shoes, and then really lose it when he/she starts crying because you yelled at them.

I've had days that run along smoothly as long as I'm doing what needs to be done. The minute I check the email for more than five minutes or try to check the comments on my blogs (even thought I'm not suppose to do that until the baby's nap time) everything falls to pieces. I run out of time to fix dinner without the children screaming. I don't get all of the laundry done for the day before midnight. Bedtime gets pushed back later and later to get things accomplished.

In contrast, when I stay on task, the list gets done. I may only have one hour and have literally 25 things to accomplish. If I stay the course moving from one project to another then it will get done. I also must remind myself that if I keep my patience when something or someone interrupts my flow then God will 'extend' my time. If I remain peaceful and calm with my children and take the 10 min. with the baby when he gets up from his nap then God will 'extend' my time.

So make out your to-do list and do it. Don't get distracted by the computer or a phone call. Devote your attention to the list and to your children without losing your temper and looking at the clock constantly. God will reward you with more time than you knew you had.

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Evelyn Mayfield said...

This one really hit home, Shelly. I used to stick to my lists, and as you point out, somehow, God extended my time when unexpected things interrupted the flow. Lately, I have been allowing the flow to run in many directions because I do not get back to my lists as soon as I can. I miss that feeling of getting some things done. I am grateful to you for sharing your insight. I needed this tonight, especially, for tomorrow. Hugs. Evie