Monday, November 24, 2008

Did You Realize?

"I want a brand new video game system for Christmas." Little Turtle said to his mother.
Mother Turtle smiled. She had already bought Little Turtle a new bicycle. Mother Turtle knew that if she bought him video games then he would always stay inside and never learn the wonders of the outside world. Mother had found a bicycle during the Summer that was perfect for her Little Turtle. Now she had to figure out how she was going to give Little Turtle his present without him being disappointed?

The next day, Mother Turtle, left a picture of the bicycle laying on the kitchen table. She watched as Little Turtle picked it up, studied it, and put it back on the table. Quietly, he went outside to play.

Another day passed, a few of Little Turtle's friends rode their bikes into the driveway. As they left, Mother Turtle said, "Those are really neat bikes, too bad you didn't get one last year."

"Yea." Little Turtle said quietly.

Mother Turtle left the picture of the bicycle on the table day after day. Little Turtle looked at it day after day. She spent the next few weeks dropping hints about how great it would be if HE had a bike.

Christmas morning came and Little Turtle crept down the stairs to see the shiny red bicycle sitting in front of the tree.

"Momma, momma! Look what I got for Christmas! A bicycle, just like I always wanted!"

Mother Turtle smiled broadly. She knew this was the best present for him and now he knew it too.

Moral of the story: This is the way God is with us. We ask him for what we want, but He knows what we need. So He places a seed in our hearts and gives us signs to help us realize what we need is so much better than what we want.

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Lindsay said...

Thanks for entering your fable, Michele! I enjoyed your story and elegantly worded moral. :)