Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stewardship and Giving Back

The Lord has placed it upon my heart to speak on this topic. I am not the best steward of my family's finances and it has gotten me in trouble more than once. It has also put a strain on my marriage.

I have heard the saying that if you give when God says to give then He will repay you for your faith. I remember a time in college when I had $5 in my pocket. It was my gas money. I had nothing else for a week. I worked at a fast food place, so I could eat while I was there and my manager let me take leftovers home sometimes, if I couldn't afford groceries that week. Well on this particular Sunday, God told me to put my last $5 in the offering plate. I resisted because without it I wouldn't get back and forth to work or school that week. After a short prayer I dropped it into the offering plate.

That afternoon I went to visit a friend. She had borrowed money from me a few weeks earlier. I didn't ask for the money. I was there for lunch as planned. She gave me the $20 she owed me. I know this may sound like coincidence to some, but I believe it was God. I had peace when I gave up my last $5 and swear I heard "I told you I would take care of you. For your faith, you are rewarded." I heard this last line after my friend gave me the $20 unexpectedly.

So I am pressed now to tell you about a friend who's blog reminded me of stewardship. I would like to tell you about the book she has written. You'll notice the link in the right hand column. It is titled, "The Busy Person's Prayer Book" I have read the book and it is wonderful! It is filled with short, easy to remember prayers, for lots of different occasions. They are easily memorized so that when you are scared, angry, sad, impatient, feeling lost or any other number of feelings, you can recall a prayer from this book. It is great for children also.

The author is a dear Christian woman who wrote this book to help others during their time of need. I pray that she may be blessed many times over for her continuing faith and relationship with God.

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