Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Positive Thinking

I have been studying and reading a great deal about positive thinking. I have been verbally attacked for discussing "The Secret". I personally believe that it is a very enlightening book. However, there are some people that find it very anti-Christian.

I don not promote the idea that whatever you wish for you will receive. I promote the idea that if you are still, quiet, pray and listen to your heart (where Jesus resides) then you will be lead to God's will for your life. That will becomes your will and when you align yourself with God's will then things begin to happen. If you believe they will happen then they will. However, if you are a "victim" and do not believe in what God plans for you then you will not receive it. Perhaps in some ways you are not really ready for it.(Just my opinion) I have been in the doubters boat many a time. I know that it's easier to be negative than to be positive.

Now is the time to remember that God not only wants to take care of our needs, he wants us to prosper and bless others. If we give when we have little (time, money, food, etc) then how much more could we do for others of we are prosperous and truly, deeply, happy.

What is God's plan for you? Are you a victim or a victor? Did Jesus think positively or negatively?

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